About me

Hi, I'm Matthias, a digital creative and web developer from Belgium. I specialise in crafting innovative projects that merge design and technology. My work spans creative coding, community-focused applications, and promoting digital self-sufficiency. With a passion for exploring new ideas and a commitment to sustainable living, I aim to create meaningful digital experiences that find their right place and space in our lives.

About this webpage

This webpage, among others, are self hosted on a tiny computer behind a low latency internet connection somewhere in the Ardennes. It is a continuously tinkering/learning experiment where I try something different then the mainstream approach. Away from the cloud / edge and more towards relevance and locality. What can be done with a small amount of hardware and software. And how does this influence the stack and beyond?

All the content is sourced from my personal data container/pod as an Obsidian vault. This content is synced as content streams which drives/updates my webpages. This all happens on this tiny computer.

The idea is to expand my knowledge and to know how things work under the hood. All functionality is custom written in Node.js, from DNS updates, reverse proxies, to lunar-cron reminders, mail sending and more. Very experimental and very time consuming fun! 🤓